LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences – sponsor in publication of Nigeria ICT Fest 2015

LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences proudly announces the collaboration with  Mascot Information and Technology Solutions (MITS),  Nigeria, the official organizer of the  Nigeria ICT Fest 2015. In this collaboration, LUMEN Research Center is sponsoring the publication of the proceeding papers resulted from the scientific event Nigeria ICT Fest 2015. 

Nigeria ICT Fest (NIF) is an initiative to engender economic development in Nigeria by leveraging on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). ICT has impacted entertainment and leisure by enhancing and providing us with different ways in which we unwind from music to films, and games, among others. It has changed and enhanced leisure and entertainment making it much more popular, easy, convenient and enjoyable. (source:


Within this event, one of the LUMEN Research Center’ researchers  – PhD Student Loredana Terec- Vlad will give a speech on Humanism, transhumanism, posthumanism – the ontological evolution of the human condition. Among the speakers there can be audited DAVID PEARCE – United Kingdom, JAMES HUGHES – USA, BEN GOERTZEL – BRAZIL, NATASHA VITA-MORE – USA, ZOLTAN ISTVAN – USA, MICHAEL ANISSIMOV – USA, ILIA STAMBLER – ISRAEL, ERAY OZKURAL – TURKEY, MICAH REDDING – USA, RICK SEARLE – USA, HANK PELLISSIER – USA, ENGR. Y.S.O ABDUL NIGERIA, BRYCE LYNCH – USA, MIRA KWAK – SOUTH KOREA, RHONDA GREEN – USA, AGBOLADE OMOWOLE – NIGERIA, VICTORIA IBEZIM-OHAERI – NIGERIA, ADAORA ASALA – NIGERIA, ADEPEJU JAIYEOBA – NIGERIA.

LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences is certified by  DECISION no. 9927 / 31.08.2010 of National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS Romania) with the mission of conducting  inter- and transdisciplinary social and humanistic research at high scientific level, with impact on the development of social practices, in conjunction with national and international strategies in this area.

We congratulate our colleague for her success and we salute and support the effort of our collaborators in organizing such a great event!


LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences
Iasi, Romania